Slowing down.

I am a walker. I like it. For the last 5ish years it was my main form of commuting. I like to slowly move through my neighborhood and observe the slow change. 10 months ago I started commuting with a little push scooter with room for my kid. It got him out of a stroller, and got me moving a little faster. A month ago we upgraded to a cargo bike. I moved through my neighborhood with a new found ease. I took different routes and saw different things.

A week ago I was hit by a car. Luckily there was no kid on the bike and a helmet was on my head. Now I have a broken foot. I am using a cane. Now I move through my house and office with a slowness. I make deliberate trips. I wait for the microwave or kettle because leaving and coming back takes too long.

I am taking baths for the first time in my adult life. I don’t fit in my bathtub. I am a tallish man. My tub is from the 1930s. Last night during my bath the light bulb burnt out. So I just “laid” in the tub until some help arrived. My breathing pushed my belly button in and out of the water—which made waves. By controlling my breathing I could amplify or cancel the wave patterns.